Women’s Tri Suit Sleeveless


Our tri suits are designed to meet the demands of professional triathletes at the highest level. The suits are crafted in compression style, aiding in the active regeneration of muscles during performance. For production, premium quick-drying material with a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment is used to prevent water penetration into the fabric. The sleeveless design allows for maximum freedom of movement during swimming and provides improved ventilation in warm weather.

These trisuits are custom-made for you. We will contact you for the exact sizing after your order. A custom size is possible if you deviate from the standard sizing (tall sizes, or a different size in the bottom and top half).

Apologies, we currently lack images, but rest assured, the shirt will arrive adorned with the Triathlon Training Academy design!


  • The back zipper is equipped with a cord for easy opening and closing.
  • Active seams in the hip area enhance the elasticity of the suit and better conform to the body.
  • The concealed finish of the armholes ensures better adherence of the suit and minimizes friction.
  • The anti-slip finish of the pant legs prevents riding up.
  • The quick-drying women’s pro triathlon chamois prevents water absorption.
  • Elastan: 29% Polyamide: 71%