Women’s Tri Suit Short Sleeve Aero


Take advantage of this super aerodynamic tri-suit during competitions. This lightweight skinsuit, featuring three back pockets and a convenient opening for (toilet) breaks, perfectly aligns with the definition of practical racing attire. These tri suits skinsuits have been designed to meet the needs of professional triathletes at the highest level, allowing them to perform at their best in all conditions. Compression fit provides optimal muscle support and thermoregulation while the textile over the shoulders reduce aerodynamic drag. It is made out of high-end aquatic fabric that is very performance-oriented and is treated with a DWR coating that helps the outer layer from becoming soaked with water.

These trisuits are custom-made for you. We will contact you for the exact sizing after your order. A custom size is possible if you deviate from the standard sizing (tall sizes, or a different size in the bottom and top half).

  • Combination of the most aerodynamic materials.
  • The same suit was used for time trials at the Tour de France, but then with a pro triathlon chamois
  • An opening between the top and bottom is convenient for breaks.
  • Pant legs are finished with an elastic band for complete grip and stitched with a reflective flatlock stitch.
  • Active seams for better elasticity and a perfect fit.
  • Hidden zipper to maintain uninterrupted design.
  • Anatomically shaped cut.
  • Back pocket with three compartments.